Selected Publications

Colleen Glenney Boggs

Patriotism by Proxy: The Civil War Draft and the Cultural Formation of Citizen-Soldiers, 1863-1865 (forthcoming: Oxford University Press, 2020)

"Introduction to 'Poetics of Fact, Politics of Fact'" -- a "theories and methodologies" essay cluster co-edited with Chenxi Tang (Berkeley), PMLA 134.5 (2019): 1109-1114.

Animalia Americana: Animal Representations and Biopolitical Subjectivity , Columbia University Press, January 2013.

Transnationalism and American Literature: Literary Translation 1773-1892 . New York and London: Routledge, 2007; paperback 2009.

(ed.) Teaching the Literatures of the American Civil War. New York: Modern Language Association, 2016.

Series Editor with Laura Doyle and Maria Cristina Fumagalli; Edinburgh Studies in Atlantic Literatures and Cultures

“Afterword,” Animals and Animality in the Literary Field. Eds. Bruce Boehrer, Molly Hand, Brian Massumi. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.

“Species States: Animal Control in Phil Klay’s Redeployment.” Control Culture: Foucault and Deleuze after Discipline. Ed. Frida Beckmann. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2018.  

“Love Triangle With Dog: ‘Whym Chow,’ the ‘Michael Fields,’ and the Poetic Potential of Human-Animals’ Affective Bonds,” Animalities: Literary and Cultural Studies Beyond the Human, ed. Michael Lundblad. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017. 190-210.

"Public Reading and the Civil War Draft Lottery.” American Periodicals. 26 (2), Fall 2016: 149-166.

“The Civil War’s ‘Empty Sleeve’ and the Cultural Production of Disabled Americans.” J 19: TheJournal of Nineteenth Century Americanists. 3 (1): Spring 2015. 41-65.

“Animals and the Formation of Liberal Subjectivity in Nineteenth Century American Literature.” Oxford Handbook of Nineteenth-Century American Literature . Ed. Russ Castronovo. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012, 197-216.

“Transatlantic Romanticism.” Transatlantic Literary Studies, 1680-1830: An Introduction . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012: 219-237.

“American Bestiality: Sex, Animals and the Construction of Subjectivity.” Cultural Critique 76 (3), Fall 2010: 98-125.

“Emily Dickinson’s Animal Pedagogies.” PMLA 124 (2), March 2009, 533-541.

“Introduction: (Un)Gendering the Transatlantic.” Symbiosis 13 (2), special issue edited by Colleen Glenney Boggs, October, 2009, 93-99.

“Translation in the United States.” Oxford History of Literary Translation in English : Volume 4: 1790-1900 (5 vols). Oxford and London: Oxford University Press, 2006:20-33.

“Margaret Fuller’s American Translation.” American Literature 76 (1), March 2004: 31-58.

“Specimens of Translation in Walt Whitman’s Poetry.” Arizona Quarterly 58 (3), Autumn 2002: 33-56.

Opinion Pieces in The New York Times, The Guardian, PBS Need to Know, Huffington Post.

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Lynda E. Boose

Lynda E. Boose

Shakespeare, the Movie: Popularizing the Plays on Film, TV, and Video , edited with R Burt, (reprinted in Korean, 2002, in English and Japanese, 2005).

“Let it be Hid: The Pornographic Aesthetic of Shakespeare’s Othello ,” in Women, Violence, and English Renaissance Literature , L Woodbridge and S Beehler (eds.), (2003).

“Crossing the River Drina: Bosnian Rape Camps and Serb Cultural Memory” in SIGNS , M Hirsch and V Smith (eds.), (2002).

“The 1599 Bishop’s Ban and Renaissance Pornography” in Enclosure Acts in Early Modern England , R Burt and R Archer (eds.), (1994).

“Scolding Brides and Bridling Scolds: Taming the Women’s Unruly Member,” *Shakespeare Quarterly, 42 (1991) 179-213.

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Michael A. Chaney

Fugitive Vision: Slave Image and Black Identity in Antebellum Narrative (2008).

"Misreading with the President: Re-reading the Covers of John Lewis's March." International Journal of Comic Art 20.1 (2018): 17-25.

“Will Eisner and the Making of A Contract with God.” In Cambridge History of the Graphic Novel, eds. Stephen Tabachnick, Jan Baetens, and Hugo Frey. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017. 191-202.

“Why Call Them Graphic Novels If They’re True? Classifying Fun Home’s Mirrors.” Forthcoming in Approaches to Teaching Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, ed., Judith Gardiner. New York: MLA Press, 2017.

“Depicting African American Life in Graphics and Visual Cultures.” Forthcoming in A History of African American Autobiography, ed., Joycelyn Moody. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017.

“Picturing Black Authorship with and against Stowe’s Lens.” Forthcoming in African American Literature in Transition, Volume 4: 1850-1865, ed. Teresa Zackodnik. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.

“The Saga of the Animal as Visual Metaphor for Mixed-Race Identity in Comics.” Forthcoming in Animal Comics: Multispecies Storyworlds in Graphic Narratives, ed., David Herman. New York: Bloomsbury, 2017.

Anarchic Strains in the Comics of Ronald Wimberly and Keith Knight.” SubStance: Special Issue on Comics and Anarchy 46.2 (2017): 110-128.

Autobiographical Graphic ‘Novels’ of Childhood.” In Auto/Biography Studies “What’s Next” Special Issue 32.2 (2017).

“On the Nature of the Boundary in Comics Memoir: The Case of March.” In Comics an der Grenze: Sub/Versionen von Form und Inhalt, eds. Matthias Harbeck, Linda-Rabea Heyden, and Marie Schröer. Berlin: Bachmann, 2016. 31-40.

Signifying Marks and The ‘Not Counted’ Inscriptions of Dave the Potter.” Arizona Quarterly 72.4 (Winter 2016): 1-25.

Digression, Slavery, and Failing to Return in The Narrative of the Sufferings of Lewis Clarke.Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly 39.4 (Fall 2016): 511-534.

"Horror Movies With Mom." Prairie Schooner (Fall 2016): 101-110.

The Cartoonal Slave.” In The Psychic Hold of Slavery: Legacies in American Culture, eds. Soyica Colbert, Robert Patterson, and Aida Hussen. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2016. 168-94.

"Dave the Potter and the Churn of Time." Michigan Quarterly Review (Winter 2014): 1-6.

Keeping Pictures, Keeping House: Harriet and Louisa Jacobs, Fanny Fern, and the Unverifiable History of Seeing the Mulatta.” ESQ 59.2 (2013): 263-290.

“Slave Memory Without Words in Kyle Baker’s Nat Turner.” Callaloo 36.2 (2013): 279-297.

“Not Just a Theme: Transnationalism and Form in Visual Narratives of US Slavery.” In Comics at the Crossroads: Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives, eds. Christina Meyer, Shane Denson, and Daniel Stein: New York: Bloomsbury, 2013. 15-32.

“Mulatta Obscura: Camera Tactics and Linda Brent.” In Pictures and Progress, eds. Maurice O. Wallace and Shawn Michelle Smith. Durham: Duke University Press, 2012. 109-31. 

“The Concatenate Poetics of Slavery and the Articulate Material of Dave the Potter.” African American Review 44.4 (2011): 607-18.

“Animal Subjects of the Graphic Novel.” College Literature 38.3 (2011): 129-149. 

"E.E. Cummings's Tom: A Ballet and Uncle Tom's Doll-Dance of Modernism." Journal of Modern Literature 34:2 (2011) 22-44.

“Terrors of the Mirror and the Mise en Abyme of Graphic Novel Autobiography,” College Literature 38:3 (2011) 21-44.

“‘Heartfelt Thanks to Punch for the Picture’: Frederick Douglass and the Transnational Jokework of Slave Caricature,” American Literature 82:1 (2010) 57-90.

“Is There an African American Graphic Novel?” In Approaches to Teaching the Graphic Novel, ed. Stephen Tabachnick. New York: Modern Languages Association Press, 2009. 69-75.

“Drawing on History in Recent African American Graphic Novels,” MELUS: The Journal of the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States 32:3 (2007) 175-200.

“International Contexts of the Negro Renaissance.” In Cambridge Companion to the Harlem Renaissance, ed. George Hutchinson. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007. 41-54.

“The Gothic Aesthetics of Eminem” (co-authored with Jason Lindquist). Gothic Studies 9.1 (2007): 57-68.

“Coloring Whiteness and Blackvoice Minstrelsy: Representations of Race and Place in Static Shock, King of the Hill, and South Park.” Journal of Popular Film & Television 31.4 (2004): 167-75.

“Slave Cyborgs and the Black Infovirus: Ishmael Reed’s Cybernetic Aesthetics,” Modern Fiction Studies 49:2 (2003) 261-283.

Traveling Harlem’s Europe: Vagabondage from Slave Narratives to Gwendolyn Bennett’s ‘Wedding Day’ and Claude McKay’s Banjo.” Journal of Narrative Theory 32.1 (2002): 52-76.

Touring the Spectacle of Slavery at Magnolia Gardens Plantation.” Southern Quarterly 11.4 (2002): 126-40.

Picturing the Mother, Claiming Egypt: My Bondage and My Freedom as Auto(bio)ethnography.” African American Review 35.3 (2001): 391-408.

“The Dismantling Evolution of Heroes: Aquaman’s Amputation.” International Journal of Comic Art 1.2 (1999): 55-65.

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Alexander Chee

Alexander Chee


The Queen of the Night, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, hardcover publication, February 2, 2016; softcover publication, November 2, 2016. 

Edinburgh, Welcome Rain, hardcover publication November 2, 2001; Picador, softcover publication, November 9, 2002; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, softcover publication, November 2, 2016.

Recent Essays and Criticism:

"Girl," Best American Essays 2016, Oct 4th, 2016.

“Rich Children,” Freeman's, Volume 2,  August 2016. 

“How I Became A North Korean, by Krys Lee,” The New York Times Book Review, Aug 31, 2016.

“The Narrow Door, by Paul Lisicky,” The New York Times Sunday Book Review, Feb. 12, 2016.

"Children of the Century," The New Republic, Feb. 2, 2016.

"Heartbreak Hotel: Rick Moody's Hotels of North America,” The New Republic, Nov 10, 2015.

“The Race to Build Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Heats Up,” WSJ: The Future of Everything, Nov. 30, 2015.  

"Gender Genre," The New York Times Book Review, Oct 10th, 2014.

Jed Dobson

James E. Dobson


with Rena J. Mosteirin, Moonbit (punctum books, 2019)

Critical Digital Humanities: The Search for a Methodology (Univ. of Illinois Press, 2019) [Reviewed by Journal of Folklore ResearchChoice ReviewsLeonardo Reviews, Journal of Web Librarianship, Journal of Literary Theory]

Modernity and Autobiography in Nineteenth-Century America: Literary Representations of Communication and Transportation Technologies (Palgrave, 2017)

Articles and Chapters

"Autobiography, Modernity, and Biopolitics: Individuality and Writing the Self at the Fin-de-Siècle." Arizona Quarterly (forthcoming) 

“Narratives of the Later Lives of Frederick Douglass: Old-Age Autobiography Before Senescence” Common-place 17, no. 2 (2017).

"Knowing and Narration: Shirley Jackson and the Campus Novel." In Shirley Jackson: Influences and Confluences, edited by Melanie R. Anderson and Lisa Kröger, 123-141. New York: Routledge, 2016.

"Lucy Larcom and the Time of the Temporal Collapse." Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 33, no. 1 (2016): 82-102.

"Can an Algorithm be Disturbed? Machine Learning, Intrinsic Criticism, and the Digital Humanities." College Literature 42, no.4 (2015): 543- 564. 

"Bits of Autobiography: Radical Deindividualization and Everydayness." Arizona Quarterly 71, no. 1 (2015): 83-99.

"Mark Twain, Memory, and the Failures  of Historicism." The Mark Twain Annual 11 (Fall 2013): 62-76.

Pandey, S., Voorsluys, W., Rahman, M., Buyya, R., Chiu, K., and Dobson, J. “A Grid Workflow Environment for Brain Imaging Analysis on Distributed Systems." Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 21, no. 16 (2009): 2118-2139.

Pandey, S., Voorsluys, W., Rahman, M., Buyya, R., Chiu, K., and Dobson, J. “Brain Image Registration Analysis Workflow for fMRI Studies on Global Grids," Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-09), Bradford, UK, (May 2009).

Van Horn, J.D., Dobson, J.E., Woodward, J., Wilde, M., Zhao, Y., Voeckler, J., Foster, I. “Grid-Based Computing and the Future of Neuroscience Computation.” In Methods in Mind, edited by Carl Senior, Tamara Russell and Michael S. Gazzaniga. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2006.

Dobson, J.E,Woodward, J., Schwarz, S.A, Marchesini, J.C, Farid, F., and Smith S., “The Dartmouth Green Grid,” ICCS 2005 Conference Workshop on HPC in Academia (2005).

Van Horn, J.D., Wolfe, J., Agnoli, A., Woodward, J., Schmitt, M., Dobson, J.E., Schumacher, S., and Vance, B. “Neuroimaging Databases as a Resource for Scientific Discovery,” International Review of Neurobiology 66C (2005): 55-87.

Zhao, Y., Dobson, J.E., Foster, I., Moreau L., Wilde, M. “A Notation and System for Expressing and Executing Cleanly TypedWorkflows on Messy Scientific Data,” ACM SIGMOD Record 34 (2005): 37-43.

Zhao, Y., Wilde, M., Foster, I., Voeckler, J., Dobson, J.E., Gilbert, E., Jordan, T. and Quigg, E. “Virtual Data Grid Middleware Services for Data-intensive Science.” Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 18, no. 6 (2004): 595-608.

Zhao, Y., Wilde, M., Foster, I., Voeckler, J., Jordan, T., Quigg, E., and Dobson J.E, “Grid Middleware Services for Virtual Data Discovery, Composition, and Integration,”  MGC ’04 Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Middleware for Grid Computing (2004): 57-62.

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George Edmondson

George Edmondson

The Neighboring Text: Henryson, Boccaccio, Chaucer. The University of Notre Dame Press, 2011. 

“Neighbors, Natural and Otherwise, in ‘The Vox and the Wolf’.” New Medieval Literatures 12 (2010): 89-114.

Pearl: The Shadow of the Object, the Shape of the Law.” Studies in the Age of Chaucer 26 (2004): 29-63. Reprinted in Classical and Medieval Literary Criticism Online. Thomas Gale, forthcoming.

“Naked Chaucer.” In The Post-Historical Middle Ages, eds. Elizabeth Scala and Sylvia Federico. Palgrave, 2009: 139-160.

“A Politics of Melancholia,” co-authored with Klaus Mladek. In A Leftist Ontology, ed. Carsten Strathausen. University of Minnesota Press, 2009: 208-233.

“Henryson’s Doubt: Neighbors and Negation in The Testament of Cresseid.” Exemplaria 20.2 (2008): 165-196. Reprinted in Medieval Literature: Criticism and Debates, eds. Holly Crocker and D. Vance Smith. Routledge, 2013. 

Sovereignty in Ruins: A Politics of Crisis, co-edited with Klaus Mladek. Duke University Press, 2017. 

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Aden in passenger seat

Aden Evens

Logic of the Digital, Bloomsbury Academic Press (2015).

“Digital Sound, Thought,” in Sound Thinking, Bloomsbury Academic, (forthcoming 2017).

“Touch in the Abstract,” SubStance 40:3 (2011), iss. 126.

“Web 2.0 and the Ontology of the Digital,” Digital Humanities Quarterly : (2012).

“The Logic of Digital Gaming” in Mechademia 6 . Frenchy Lunning (ed.), University of Minnesota Press (Winter 2011).

“Icon Icon,” inflexions : (Fall 2010, Issue 4: Transversal Fields of Experience), 12 pages.

“Digital Ontology and Example” in Deleuze, Science, and the Force of the Virtual , University of Minnesota Press (Spring 2010). 169–202.

Sound Ideas: Music, Machines, and Experience, University of Minnesota Press (2005).

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Vievee Elaure Francis

Forest Primeval. Chicago: Northwestern University Press, 2016

2016 Hurston Wright Legacy Award

Short-list PEN Open Award

Horse In the Dark. Chicago: Northwestern University Press, 2012

Cave Canem Northwestern University Press Prize

Blue-tail Fly. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2006

Poets & Writers Magazine Notable Debut

Garrison, Alysia

Alysia Garrison

“Agamben’s Grammar of the Secret Under the Sign of the Law,” Law and Critique 20.3 (2009): 281-297. 

“Faintly Struggling Things: Inscrutable Life in Beckett’s The Unnamable.” Samuel Beckett: History, Memory, Archive. Ed. Séan Kennedy and Katherine Weiss. New York: Palgrave, 2009. 89-111.

“‘Disdaining Bounds of Place and Time’: John Clare’s Nomadic Poetics.” Blackwell Literature Compass 3.3 (2006): 376-387.

“Hegel,” “Kojève,” “History,” “Common,” and “Derrida,” The Agamben Dictionary. Ed. Alex Murray and Jessica Whyte. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2011.

"James Williams," The Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography. Ed. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Franklin W. Knight. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.

"Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel," Agamben's Philosophical Lineage.  Ed. Adam Kotsko and Carlo Salzani.  Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017.  138-145.

"The Genuine Memoirs of Miss Faulkner" and “The Modern Atalantis; or the Devil in an Air Balloon" in The Cambridge Guide to the Eighteenth-Century Novel, 1660-1820. Ed. April London. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.


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Alexandra Halasz

Alexandra Halasz

The Marketplace of Print: Pamphlets and the Public Sphere in Early Modern England; (1997, Reissued 2006).

“The Stationers’ Shakespeare” in Shakespeare’s Stationers: New Essays in Cultural Bibliography ed. Marta Straznicky (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012), 35-58

“Pamphlet Surplus: John Taylor and Subscription Publication,” in Print, Manuscript, and Performance: The Changing Relations of the Media in Early Modern England , A Marotti and M Bristol (eds.), (2000).

“So Beloved that Men Use His Picture for Their Signs’: Richard Tarlton and the Uses of Sixteenth-Century Celebrity,” Shakespeare Studies , 23 (1995) 19-38.

"Wyatt's David," Texas Studies in Literature and Language 30 (1988): 320-344. Reprinted in Rethinking the Henrician Era, ed. Peter Herman (University of Illinois Press,1993).

“Thomas Deloney,” Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature , (2006).

“Thomas Lodge,” New Dictionary of National Biography , C Matthews (ed.), (2004).

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Photograph of Christie Harner

Christie Leigh Harner

“Animal and Social Ecologies in Anne Brontë’s Agnes Grey,” Victorian Literature and Culture 48.3 (2020): 577-99.

"Bush Animals, Developmental Time, and Colonial Identity in Victorian Australian Children's Fiction," in Animals and Their Children in Victorian Culture, eds. Brenda Ayres and Sarah Elizabeth Maier. New York: Routledge, 2019.

“Geopolitical Temporalities and Animal Ecologies in The Jungle Books,” Victorian Review 45 (2019): 135-52.

"The 'Animality' of Speech and Translation in The Jungle Books," in Victorians and Their Animals: Beast on a Leash, ed. Brenda Ayres. New York: Routledge, 2019.

"Professional Victorianisms: Immediacy, Urgency, and Interdisciplinarity in/at Work," Nineteenth-Century Contexts 39.4 (September 2017): 249-67. With Winter Werner, Paula Krebs, and Liz McCabe. 

“Physiognomic Discourse and the Trials of Cross-Class Sympathy in Mary Barton,” Victorian Literature and Culture43.4 (2015): 705-724.

“Reading the ‘Postal Effect’ of John Caldigate as a Challenge to Victorian Post-Colonialism,” Victorians: A Journal of Culture and Literature (March 2015).

“‘Loose from Wholesome Guidance:’ Phrenology’s and Physiognomy’s Narrative of Anxiety,” ELN 47.2 (Fall/Winter 2009): 61-73.

Cynthia Huntington

The Radiant (poems), (2003).

The Salt House: A Summer on the Dunes of Cape Cod , (1999; paperback 2003).

Two poems: “Visions of the Virgin on the Old Rail Trail” and “Everything is Alive.”

We Have Gone to the Beach (poems), (1996).

The Fish-Wife (poems), (1986).

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Azeen A. Khan

"Aneconomy, Indirection, Undecidability: Derrida's Principled Critique of the Death Drive" in differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, Vol. 31, Issue 1, May 2020.

“The Subaltern Clinic” in Boundary2, Vol. 46, No. 4, November 2019, 181-217.

“Lacan and Race” in After Lacan: Theory and Psychoanalysis in the 21stCentury, ed. Ankhi Mukherjee (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018), 148-164. 

“Non-Rapport” in Lacanian Ink: The Real Unconscious, Issue 50, Fall 2017, 15-19. 

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Thomas H. Luxon

Book:  “Single Imperfection”: Milton, Marriage and Friendship. Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, 2005

Book:  Literal Figures: Puritan Allegory and the Reformation Crisis in Representation. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1995

Edition:  The John Milton Reading Room, an online study edition of Milton's complete poetry and selected prose, (

Edition: John Milton's Eikonoklastes (1650). An online study edition in The John Milton Reading Room with new annotations, hyperlinked resources and a new introduction.

Article: “Heroic Friendship in Dryden’s Troilus and Cressida”   Studies in Philology 114 (2017): 197-221

Article: “Heroic Restorations: Dryden and Milton,” in Milton Studies 59 (2018): 199-230.

Article: “ Apprenticeship in Learning Design for Literature Courses ”  in Arts and Humanities in Higher Education online at  February 2016

“What is English” in What is…? A Guided Tour of the Liberal Arts, Ed. Daniel Rockmore. Forthcoming from University Press of New England, 2017

Edition: John Milton. Latin epigrams from the Defense of the English People and the Second Defense. New English translations, introductions and annotations, 2015 (

Edition: John Milton. The Readie and Easie Way to Establish a Free Commonwealth. A new edition with introduction and annotations, 2015. (


“The Early Milton,” an entry for the Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature,  Volume 2: 1558-1660, ed. Patrick Cheney and Philip Hardie. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015, 641-55

Article:  “‘How Human Life Began’: Milton’s Adam in Paradise Lost Book 9,” in Sex Before Sex, edited by William Stockton, Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2013, 263-90.

Article:  “Teaching Paradise Lost with an Online Edition” in Approaches to Teaching Paradise Lost, 2nd ed. Ed. Peter Herman. New York: Modern Language Association Press, 2012, 189-91.

Article:  Vicki V. May, Thomas H. Luxon, Kathy Weaver, Rachel Esselstein, and Cynthia Char. "Development of Case Stories by Interviewing Students about their Critical Moments in Science, Math, and Engineering Classes." Numeracy:  Advancing Education in Quantitative Literacy: The Electronic Journal of the National Numeracy Network 1.1 (2008) (

Article:  With Thomas Cormen and others, “Sources and Citation at Dartmouth College: why learning to cite sources is an essential part of your education.” Online at

Article:  “One Soul vs. One Flesh: Friendship, Marriage, and the Puritan Self” in Trauma and Transformation: The Political Progress of John Bunyan, ed. Vera Camden. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2007

Article:  “Milton and the Web” in Laura Lunger Knoppers & Gregory M. Colon Semenza, eds. Milton and Popular Culture.  New York: Macmillan Palgrave, 2006

Article:  “Humanist Marriage and the Comedy of Errors.” Renaissance and Reformation 37 ed. Elizabeth Sauer and Jennifer Anderson (2001, pub. 2003): 45-65

Article: “Milton’s ‘Wedded Love’: Not About Sex (as we know it).” Milton Studies 40, edited by Albert C. Labriola.  Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2002, 38-60 (

A new annotated edition of John Milton’s The Readie and Easie Way to Establish a Free Commonwealth., 2016

“What is English” in What is…? What are the Arts and Sciences (a guide for the curious), ed. Daniel Rockmore. Hanover NH: University Press of New England, 2017

Article:  "A Second Daniel: The Jew and the "True Jew" in The Merchant of Venice." Early Modern Literary Studies 4.3 (January, 1999): 1-31 (

Article: “Rough Trade: Milton as Ajax in the Place of Punishment.”  Prose Studies: Literature, History, Theory 19 (1996): 282-91

Article: “‘Other men’s words’ and Bunyan’s ‘New-birth,’” Texas Studies in Language and Literature 36 (1994): 260-89

Article: “‘Not I but Christ’: Puritan Allegories of the Self,” ELH 60 (1993): 899-937

Article: “‘Sentence’ and 'Solaas': Particular Grief in The Knight's Tale.Chaucer Review 22 (1988): 13-35

Article: Calvin and Bunyan on Word and Image: Is There a Text in Interpreter's House?” English Literary Renaissance 18 (1988): 438-459

Article: “The Pilgrim's Passive Progress: Luther and Bunyan on Talking and Doing, Word and Way.” ELH 53 (1986): 73-98

Article: “Queering as Critical Practice in Reading Paradise Lost” in Queer Milton edited David Orvis. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, 45-63

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Andrew McCann

Andrew L. McCann

Popular Literature, Authorship and the Occult in Late Victorian Britain (Cambridge University Press, 2014)

Christos Tsiolkas and the Fiction of Critique: Politics, Obscenity, Celebrity (London: Anthem Press, 2015)

Marcus Clarke’s Bohemia: Literature and Modernity in Colonial Melbourne (Melbourne: University of Melbourne Press, 2004).

Cultural Politics in the 1790s: Literature, Radicalism and the Public Sphere (London: Macmillan Press, 1999).

Subtopia (Melbourne: Vulgar Press, 2005). Turkish Translation (Istanbul: Versus Kitap, 2006).

The White Body of Evening (Sydney: HarperCollins Australia, 2002, 2003). Japanese Translation (Tokyo: Kokushokankokai, 2009).

"Walter Benjamin's Sex Work: Prostitution and the State of Exception," Textual Practice vol. 28, no.1 (February 2014): 99-120.

“Ruins, Refuse and the Politics of Allegory in The Old Curiosity Shop,” Nineteenth-Century Literature vol. 66, no. 2 (September 2011): 179-194.

"Discrepant Cosmopolitanism and Contemporary Fiction: Reading the Inhuman in Christos Tsiolkas’s Dead Europe and Roberto Bolaño’s 2666,Antipodes vol. 24, no. 2 (December 2010): 135-141.

“Henry Kendall’s Twofold Life: Sin, Shame and the Experience of Colonial Poetry,” Australian Literary Studies vol. 25, no. 3 (October 2010): 20-34.

“Christos Tsiolkas and the Pornographic Logic of Commodity Capitalism,” Australian Literary Studies vol. 25, no. 1 (May 2010): 31-41.

“Autochthony and Extinction in the Settler Colony: Henry Kendall's ‘Aboriginal Man’,” in David Carter  and Wang Guanglin eds. Modern Australian Criticism and Theory (Qingdao: China Ocean University Press, 2010): 50-60.

“The Eventfulness of Roberto Bolaño,” Overland 199 (Winter 2010): 74-79.

“Militancy and Melancholia,” Overland 192 (Spring 2008): 34-36.

“Professing the Popular: Political Fiction circa 2006,” Australian Literary Studies vol. 32, no. 2 (2007): 43-57.

“Colonial Nature-Inscription: on Haunted Landscapes,” in Helen Tiffin ed. Five Emus to the King of Siam: Environment and Empire (Rodopi: Amsterdam and New York, 2007): 71-83.

“Rosa Praed and the Vampire Aesthete,” Victorian Literature and Culture 35 (2007): 175-187.

“The International of Excreta: World Literature and its Other,” Overland 186 (Autumn 2007): 20-24.

“The Literature of Extinction,” Meanjin 65.1 (March 2006): 48-54.

“The Obstinacy of the Sacred,” Antipodes vol. 17, no.2 (December 2005): 152-158.

“Unknown Australia: Rosa Praed’s Vanished Race,” Australian Literary Studies vol. 22, no. 1 (2005): 37-50.

“The Savage Metropolis: Animism, Aesthetics and the Pleasures of a Vanished Race,” Textual Practice 17:2 (2003): 317-333. Republished in Short Story Criticism vol. 94 (New York: Thomson and Gale, 2007): 28-36.

“Textual Phantasmagoria: Marcus Clarke, Light Literature and the Colonial Uncanny,” Australian Literary Studies vol. 21, no. 2 (October 2003): 138-150. Republished in Short Story Criticism vol. 94 (New York: Thomson and Gale, 2007): 20-28.

“Bohemia and the Dream-Life of the Colonial City,” Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature vol. 1 (2002): 4-18.

“Romanticism, Nationalism and the Mythology of the Popular in William Lane’s The Workingman’s Paradise,” Journal of Australian Studies 70 (2001): 1-12.

“Humanism After Auschwitz: Reflections on Jean Améry’s Freitod,” Angelaki vol. 6, no. 3. (December 2001): 71-81.

“Romantic Self-Fashioning: John Thelwall and the Science of Elocution,” Studies in Romanticism vol. 40, no. 2 (Summer 2001): 215-232.

“Romantic Nationalism and the Descent into Myth: William Lane’s The Workingman’s Paradise,” in Philip Mead (ed.), Australian Literary Studies in the 21st Century (Hobart: Association for the Study of Australian Literature, 2001): 181-188.

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Shalene A. M. Vásquez

Sam Moodie

“Triangular Voyages: Locating the Transnational Caribbean Woman in Paule Marshall’s ‘To Da-duh, in Memoriam.’” Special Issue Editor Jennifer Williams. Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism, (Fall 2017).

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Thomas O'Malley

Were Were Kings, (Mulholland; Little, Brown & Co., 2016).


Serpents in the Cold, (Mulholland; Little, Brown & Co., 2016). Paperback

Serpents in the Cold, (Mulholland; Little, Brown & Co., 2015).

This Magnificent Desolation, (Bloomsbury USA, 2013).

In the Province of Saints, (Little Brown, & Co., 2005).

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Peter M. Orner

Esther Stories, (Houghton Mifflin, 2001, re-issue with a forward by Marilynne Robinson, Little Brown, 2013)

The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo, (Little Brown, 2006)

Underground America: Narratives of Undocumented Lives, (Voice of Witness/ McSweeney's, 2008) (editor)

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Hope Deferred: Narratives of Zimbabwean Lives (Voice of Witness/ McSweeney's, 2011)

Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge, (Little Brown, 2013)

Am I Alone Here?: Notes on Reading to Live and Living to Read, (Catapult, 2016)

Lavil: Life, Love, and Death in Port-au-Prince (Voice of Witness/ McSweeney's/ Verso Press, 2017)

Maggie Brown & Others, (forthcoming, Little, Brown, 2019)

Monika C. Otter

Monika C. Otter

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Donald E. Pease

Donald E. Pease

Theodor Seuss Geisel, (Oxford University Press 2010)

New American Exceptionalism (University of Minnesota Press, 2009) — Nominated for the James Russell Lowell Prize at MLAp.

Re-Framing the Transnational Turn in American Studies, co-edited with Winfried Fluck and John Carlos Rowe in Re-Mapping the Transnational: A Dartmouth Series in American Studies 2011

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Ivy Schweitzer

Ivy Schweitzer

“What is Women’s and Gender Studies.” What Are the Arts and Sciences? A Guided Tour of the Liberal Arts, ed. Daniel Rockmore, University Press of New England, 2017.

Three poems in Clear Poetry 23 January 2017


Friendship as Civic Democratic Practice” LA Review of Books April 2017
“Who Doesn’t Love a Wall?” LA Review of Books, July 2017

Jeff Sharlet

RECENT JOURNALISM: I've been taking a break from longterm book projects to report on and think about the Trump 2020 campaign for Vanity Fair, starting with this long story from a series of campaign rallies around the country, "The Second Coming." Shortly after that published, I tuned into Trump's mid-pandemic Tulsa rally. Then Trump opened the GOP convention by talking about "12 more years." It scarier from there as Trump doubled down on his deal with the Christian Right, promoting a "biblical capitalism." Meanwhile, out beyond blue bubbles a new Trump flag was flying, declaring "F--k Your Feelings." Trump proposed a "patriotic history" centered on the preservation of white supremacy. There's more to come, unfortunately. This is a Hodor election. 


This Brilliant Darkness: A Book of Strangers (W.W. Norton, 2020)

Executive Producer, The Family (Netflix / Jigsaw Productions, 2019)

Editor, Radiant Truths (Yale University Press, 2014)

Sweet Heaven When I Die, (W.W. Norton, 2011)

C Street (Little, Brown, 2010)

Co-editor, Believer, Beware (Beacon Press, 2009)

The Family (Harper, 2008)

Co-author, Killing the Buddha (The Free Press, 2004)


"Darkness Visible," Vanity Fair, 2020

"The Second Coming: On the gospel of numerology, tweetology, and white supremacy at the president's rallies," Vanity Fair, 2020

"Faery Land," Guernica, 2020

"A Flag for Trump's America," Harper's, 2018

"Telemetry," Virginia Quarterly Review, 2017

"The Ministry of Fun," Esquire, 2016

"Donald Trump, American Preacher," New York Times Magazine, 2016

Guest Co-Editor, Documentum: Pictures and Words, 2016

"The Invisible Man: On Skid Row, the end of a Black life that mattered," GQ, 2015

"A Resourceful Woman," Longreads, 2015

"Are You Man Enough for the Men's Right's Movement?" GQ, 2015

"Inside the Iron Closet: What it's like to be gay in Putin's Russia," GQ, 2014

"Voice and Hammer: Harry Belafonte's unfinished fight," Virginia Quarterly Review, 2013

"Ditto Boys," Killing the Buddha, 2013

"By the Mob's Early Light: The ritual significance of Occupy Wall Street," Bookforum, 2012

Occupy Writers, 2011

"Code of the West," an excerpt for Guernica from "Sweet Fuck All, Colorado," in Sweet Heaven When I Die, 2011

"Straight Man's Burden: The American roots of Uganda's anti-gay persecutions" Harper's, 2010

"The Supreme Love and Revolutionary Funk of Dr. Cornel West," Rolling Stone, 2009

"Jesus Killed Mohammed: The Crusade for a Christian Military," Harper's, 2009

"Hell House: Young Christians encounter sex, violence, and the eros of evangelicalism in an East Texas hell house," Lapham's Quarterly, 2009

"Quebrado: The life and death of a young anarchist," Rolling Stone, 2008

"Oh, Yes, Oh, Yes, My Darling!" Oxford American, 2007

"Teenage Holy War," Rolling Stone, 2007

"Through a Glass Darkly: How the Christian Right is reinventing U.S. history," Harper's, 2006 (subscriber only)

"The Capitalist Spirit: The post-9/11 New Age healing boom," New York, 2005

"Jesus Plus Nothing," Harper's, 2003

SELECTED CRITICISM: Every now and then I consider the genre in which I work. Most thoroughly in "This Mutant Genre," an introductory essay to my 2014 book Radiant Truths, published here on Killing the Buddha. The genre is sometimes referred to as "the art of fact," which I like because it sounds like "artifact." And often critics praise such work--it's even happened to me!--as "like a novel." But I don't think it is "Like a Novel," as I wrote for VQR. I like better the phrasing of documentary filmmaker John Grierson (who coined the English term "documentary" in 1926): "the blazing fact of the matter." I borrowed it for an essay on documentary films about how the small nation of Uganda became a global battleground for LGBTQ+ rights, "The Blazing Facts," in Harper's. (Sub only, so subscribe; support longform journalism.) Some reviews of literary and longform journalism: on James Agee, with Leslie Jamison, for Oxford American; on Frances Fitzgerald, for The New Republic; on Mary McCarthy and Sara Jeannette Duncan for Harper's; on Aman Sethi for Literary Journalism Studies; on the inauthenticity of authenticity, for New Statesman. With Paige Williams, a great literary journalist herself, I talked about the literary journalism of my students for Nieman Storyboard; and, also for Storyboard, I talked with Elon Green, another terrific writer, about my reporting and writing process. Once Travel+Leisure asked me to attend an Airbnb convention in Paris. I thought they must have the wrong number, but I said yes, and then, at one point Airbnb locked me in a room. The result is "Cult of Hospitality," about the breakdown of that reporting and writing process. By that point I was writing as often through snapshots--literal pictures--as through words. For The New York Times Magazine, I thought about "Instagram's Graveyard Shift." I used to write about music from time to time for Oxford American: Al Green, "Bad Moon Rising," and the rest is lost (or found) in print. Last but perhaps most appropriately, I wrote about people who ask you to read their work for Lithub: "When a Self-Declared Genius Asks You To Read his Masterpiece."


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Image of Patricia Stuelke

Patricia Rachael Stuelke

“Horror and the Arts of Feminist Assembly,” Contemporaries at Post-45. April 2019.

"Trayvon Martin, Topdog/Underdog, and the Tragedy Trap. American Literary History (2017). 

“Loving in the Iraq War Years.” College Literature 43.1 (Winter 2016): 121-144.

“The Queer Optimism of Jessie Tarbox Beals’s Greenwich Village Postcards.” Photography and Culture 7.3 (November 2014): 285-302.

“The Reparative Politics of Central America Solidarity Movement Culture.” American Quarterly 66.3 (September 2014): 767-790.

“‘Times When Greater Disciplines Are Born’: The Zora Neale Hurston Revival and the Neoliberal Transformation of the Caribbean.” American Literature 86.1 (March 2014): 117-145.

“Finding Haiti, Finding History in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God.” Modernism/modernity 19.4 (November 2012): 755-774.

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Nirvana Tanoukhi

Articles and Chapters

- "Surprise Me If You Can" PMLA 131.5(2016). 

- "The Movement of Specificity." PMLA. 128.2 (May 2013)

- “African Roads.” The Routledge Companion to World Literature.  Eds. Theo D’haen, David Damrosch, Djelal Kadir.  (Routledge, 2011.)

- “‘The Most Important Thing Happening’: An Introduction” (with David Palumbo-Liu and Bruce Robbins) to Immanuel Wallerstein and Problem of the World: System, Scale, Culture. Eds. David Palumbo-Liu, Bruce Robbins, and Nirvana Tanoukhi. (Duke University Press, 2010.)

- “The Scale of World Literature.” New Literary History 39.3-4 (2008). 

Reprints: Immanuel Wallerstein and Problem of the World: System, Scale, Culture. Eds. David Palumbo-Liu, Bruce Robbins, Nirvana Tanoukhi. (Duke University Press, 2010.) The World Literature Reader (Routledge, 2012)

- “Rewriting Political Commitment for an Inter-National Canon: Paul Bowles’s For Bread Alone as Translation of Mohamed Choukri’s Al-Khubz Al-Hafi.” Research in African Literatures 34.2 (2003): 125-144. 

Reprint: in Langues et Litteratures: Annales de la Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines. Rabat, Agdal, Morocco. March 2011.

Edited Volume

- Immanuel Wallerstein and Problem of the World: System, Scale, Culture. Co-edited with David Palumbo-Liu and Bruce Robbins. (Duke University Press, 2010.)



- Black Scent, Black Taste by Ali Muqri (Yemen).  From Arabic. (Seagull Books, under contract).

- Maryam, Keeper of Stories by Alawiyya Subuh (Lebanon). From Arabic. (Seagull Books, 2015).

- Passage to Dusk by Rachid al-Daif (Lebanon). From Arabic.  (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2001).


- “The Arab Spring, and Other African Revolutions.”  With political theorist of Africa, Ali Mazrui.  Transition 106.  50th Anniversary Special Issue.  (November 2011.) 

Barbara Will

Barbara Will

Race Matters in the 21st Century: Essays on the Work of Cornel West (under submission)

Unlikely Collaboration: Gertrude Stein, Bernard Faÿ, and the Vichy Dilemma. New York: Columbia University Press, 2011.

Gertrude Stein, Modernism, and the Problem of “Genius,” Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2000.

The Strange Politics of Gertrude Stein,” Humanities, The Magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities 33:2 (March-April 2012).

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“Gertrude Stein, Automatic Writing and the Mechanics of Genius,” Forum for Modern Language Studies , 37:2 (2001) 1-9.

"The Nervous Origins of the American Western," American Literature 70:2 (June 1998): 293-316.

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Image of Melissa Zeiger

Melissa F. Zeiger

"'Less Than Perfect': Negotiating Breast Cancer in Popular Romance Novels" (2012)

"Grace Paley's Poetics of Breath" (2009)


“Beyond Mourning and Melancholia: AIDS Elegies” Oxford Quarterly , (Spring 1997) 51-72.

Beyond Consolation: Death, Sexuality, and the Changing Shapes of Elegy , (1997).

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