Courses - No Course Group

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Major Courses with No Course Group

ENGL 5 Reading with Attitude

Special Topics with No Course Group

ENGL 55.01/WGSS 47.03 Modern American Women Poets

ENGL 55.05 Book Arts Studio Seminar

ENGL 55.06 Reading and Publishing the Literary Magazine

ENGL 55.07/ARTH 16.24/THEA 10 The Arts of War

ENGL 55.08 Neuroscience and the Novel

ENGL 55.09 Hope? How Feelings Shape American Culture

ENGL 55.11 Hamilton: The Revolution as a Work of Art

ENGL 55.12 Dartmouth Fictions

ENGL 55.13/AAAS 85.01 South African Literature in English

ENGL 55.14/NAIS 34 Native American Oral Traditional Literatures

ENGL 55.15/JWST 70/REL 74.12 The Merchant of Venice: The Jew in the Protestant Imagination

ENGL 55.16 Prehistoric Worlds: Science Fiction and Geological Time

ENGL 55.17 Disability and Literature

ENGL 55.18 Research As Picture Books

ENGL 55.19/AAAS 91.05 Maroons to Marley: Jamaica's Role in Worldwide Revolutions from Slavery to the Present Day

ENGL 55.20/COLT 39.04 The Case Study: Crime, Medicine, and Modern Society

ENGL 55.21 Epidemics: Vortex of Fear and Wisdom

ENGL 55.22/SOCY 79.13 Socio/Poetics: Sociological Method and Literary Form

ENGL 55.23/FILM 48.07 Analyzing Content: From Tik Toks to Tweets

ENGL 55.24/LING 18 History of the English Language

ENGL 55.25/COLT 8.01/GERM 46.05/HUM 3.08 Friends, Enemies, Lovers: Community and Civil War

ENGL 55.26/COLT 35.06/MES 15.13 Sufism as World Literature

Junior Colloquia with No Course Group

ENGL 65.01 Walking

ENGL 65.02 Writing with Algorithms: A Literary Computation Workshop

ENGL 65.06/WGSS 53.05 The Poetry and Rhetoric of Love, from Petrarch to Social Media

Senior Seminars with No Course Group

ENGL 75.02 Climate Fiction

ENGL 75.03 Beyond the Prison: Premodern Carceral Studies