Independent Study and Honors

CWRT 89 (formerly ENGL 89)

Creative Writing Project

A tutorial course to be designed by the student with the assistance of a faculty supervisor. This course is intended for the purpose of producing a manuscript of fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry. Prerequisite: normally reserved for seniors who have completed at least two workshops in the designated genre for this project. Dist: none.



Reading Course

A tutorial course to be designed by the student with the assistance of a member of the English Department faculty willing to supervise it.  This course is available, as an occasional privilege, to upperclassmen who have demonstrated their ability to do independent work.  During the term prior to taking the course, applicants must consult the Department Vice Chair to make arrangements for approval of the project.  Note:  English 96 does not normally count toward the English major or minor, although in special circumstances the C.D.C. may approve exceptions to that rule.  Students seeking an exception are asked to petition the C.D.C. before taking English 96.  English 96 may not be used the satisfy Course Group requirements.


ENGL 98/99 or CWRT 98/99

Honors Course in English or Creative Writing

Students enrolled in the major in English who have completed at least six major courses by the end of their junior year and have a grade point average (GPA) in the major of 3.5 or higher and an overall college GPA of 3.0 or higher may apply for the Honors Program. Eligible students apply by submitting their college record to the Honors Directors along with a formal proposal of an honors thesis. The thesis is to be completed during two terms of ENGL 98 and ENGL 99/CWRT 98 and CWRT 99, the first of which counts as the Culminating Experience in the major. The ENGL 99/CWRT 99 constitutes a twelfth course in the major program, separate from all other requirements.

2017-18 creative writing thesis proposals are due Friday, October 27, 2017 to the Department Administrator or the Director of Creative Writing.

2017-18 critical/literary historical thesis proposals are due Thursday, November 2, 2017 to the Department Administrator or the Directors of the Honors Program.