London Foreign Study Program

The London Foreign Study Program is offered bi-annually during the Fall Term.

Program Details

The London FSP is located at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), a highly prestigious university that boasts one of the world’s finest and most innovative English departments. Students will live near the center of Bloomsbury (literary London) and be able to immerse themselves in a vibrant, diverse, evolving, and inspiring international city abounding in opportunities for cultural enrichment, intellectual development, and creative practice. They will also study with leading scholars and writers on QMUL’s vibrant East End campus a short train ride away. Students will take three classes in the Department of English and Drama (which also houses the creative writing program), supplemented by a weekly seminar with the program director and an independent project. And they will participate in a range of excursions and cultural activities designed to enhance their intellectual and creative experience of the city.


  • English 90: Literary Study at QMUL, London
  • English 91: Literary Study at QMUL, London
  • English 92: Literary Study at QMUL supplemented by research seminar run by FSP director


To participate in the program at QMUL, students must have completed all first-year requirements and one English course (other than English 7) with a grade of B or better. Students hoping to take a creative writing module at QMUL must have completed one creative writing course in an appropriate genre, also with a grade of B or better, in addition to their one English course. All applicants to the program must have a 3.3 overall GPA.

Living Accommodations

Students will live in self-catering apartments located in central London.

Faculty Contacts

Director of the Fall 2023 London FSP is Professor Alexander Chee.


Limited to 16 students

Course Credit Information

Students enrolled on an English FSP enroll in English 90, 91, and 92. English 90 and 91 carry major and minor credit; English 92 does not, although it does carry college course credit. No FSP course may be used to satisfy the Culminating Experience requirement in any major.