Course Group IV – Criticism and Theory

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Major Courses in Course Group IV

ENGL 44 Introduction to Digital Studies (also in Course Group III)

ENGL 45 Introduction to Literary Theory

ENGL 46 Old and New Media

ENGL 48 Critical Issues in Postcolonial Studies

Special Topics in Course Group IV

ENGL 54.01 Shakespeare Adaptations

ENGL 54.02 Arts of Laughter: Comedy and Criticism

ENGL 54.03/WGSS 51.09 Young Adult Literature

ENGL 54.04 Beautiful, Ugly, Cute, Dumpy: An Introduction to Aesthetics

ENGL 54.05 Animal Studies: Theory, Literature, Politics

ENGL 54.11 Poetry and Poetic Theory

ENGL 54.13 Digital Game Studies

ENGL 54.15/COLT 40.01 History of the Book

ENGL 54.16 Literary Classics

ENGL 54.17/COCO 34 Psychoanalysis and Philosophy

ENGL 54.40 Literary Culture in an Age of Digital Distraction

Junior Colloquia in Course Group IV

ENGL 62.22 Atlantic Slavery/Atlantic Freedom (also in Course Group II)

ENGL 64.01 Hysteria, Paranoia, Schizophrenia: The Case Study as Literary Genre

ENGL 64.02 Garden Politics: Literature, Theory, Practice

ENGL 64.03 Deconstruction: An Introduction to the Work of Jacques Derrida

ENGL 64.04 Jacques Lacan and Psychoanalytic Thought

ENGL 64.05/QSS 30.16 Cultural Analytics

ENGL 64.06 Animal, Vegetable, Medium: Writing Nonhuman Sentience and Communication

ENGL 64.07 Theory Before Theory

ENGL 64.08 Matters of Life and Death: A Theory Course