Course Group II - Literature from the Mid-17th Century to the 19th Century

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Major Courses in Course Group II

ENGL 2 Literary History II: Literature from the mid-Seventeenth Century through the Nineteenth Century

ENGL 21 Reason and Revolution

ENGL 22 The Rise of the Novel

ENGL 23 Romantic Literature: Aesthetics and Ideology from the French Revolution to Frankenstein

ENGL 24 Victorian Literature and Culture, 1837-1859

ENGL 26 Social Justice and the Victorian Novel

ENGL 27 Tell It Slant: Female, Black, Queer Readings of Early American Poetry

ENGL 28 Making Americans: Hipsters, Tricksters and Geniuses

ENGL 29 American Fiction to 1900

ENGL 30/AAAS 34 Early Black American Literature

Special Topics in Course Group II

ENGL 52.01 Whitman and Dickinson

ENGL 52.02 The Civil War in Literature

ENGL 52.03/AAAS 82.05/COCO 3.01 Dave the Potter: Slavery Between Pots and Poems

ENGL 52.04 The American Renaissance at Dartmouth

ENGL 52.05/WGSS 48.08 Desire and Difference in 19th Century British Fiction

ENGL 52.06/COLT 62.04 Media & Monstrosity

ENGL 52.10 Vox Clamantis: Wilderness in 19thC American Literature

ENGL 52.11/COCO 24/GOVT 60.18/HIST 90.06 Daniel Webster and the Dartmouth College Case

ENGL 52.15 Transatlantic Gothic

ENGL 52.16 God, Darwin, and the Literary Imagination

ENGL 52.17 Victorian Children's Literature: Fairytale and Fantasy

ENGL 52.18 Netflix and the Victorian Serial Novel

ENGL 52.19 Poverty in American Literature, 1861-1925

ENGL 52.20/AAAS 82.11 Reading Between the Color Lines in 19th-Century American Literature

ENGL 52.21 Popular Fiction and the Culture of Empire

ENGL 52.22 The Last Man: Race, Empire, Disease

Junior Colloquia in Course Group II

ENGL 62.01 British Fictions of Revolution

ENGL 62.02 The New Emily Dickinson: After the Digital Turn

ENGL 62.03/WGSS 48.09 Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers

ENGL 62.04 Trauma and Enjoyment in Early American Literature

ENGL 62.05 The Horrors of Survival: American Literatures of Modernity

ENGL 62.12 Jane Austen

ENGL 62.16 Victorian Faces/Facial Politics

ENGL 62.22/AAAS 88.11 Atlantic Slavery/Atlantic Freedom (also in Course Group IV)

Senior Seminars in Course Group II

ENGL 72.02/COLT 49.05 Decadence, Degeneration and the Fin de Siecle

ENGL 72.03 Bohemia: Glamorous Outcasts & the Nineteenth-Century Novel

ENGL 72.05 1850s America

ENGL 72.06 Dickens in Context

ENGL 72.09 Ecocriticism

ENGL 72.13 The Brontës

ENGL 72.14 From Riches to Rags: Poverty in American Literature, 1861-1925