Creative Writing Courses

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Special Topics in Creative Writing

All CRWT 40 courses are also in Course Group III.

CRWT 40.01 Imaginary Countries

CRWT 40.03 Raising the Dead

CRWT 40.04 Remains, Ruin, Repair, and Rapture

CRWT 40.05 Engaging Hybridity: Race, Gender, Genre

CRWT 40.06 Uses of Fact: True Source Material in Prose, Poetry, & Film

CRWT 40.07/MES 15.01 The Craft of Fiction: A Masterclass with Alaa Al Aswany

CRWT 40.08 Dystopian Visions: Exploring the Fiction of Catastrophe and Apocalypse

CRWT 40.09/COLT 31.02/FRIT 37.08 Obsessive Affinities Contemporary French & American poetry

CRWT 40.10 James Joyce's Ulysses

CRWT 40.11 Nature Writing

CRWT 40.12 The Novels of Virginia Woolf:Radical Innovator

CRWT 40.13 Contemporary Queer and Trans Asian American Poetry

CRWT 40.14 Black and Latino Poets Creative Writing Course

CRWT 40.15 Tell Me A Story: Introduction to Nonfiction Radio and Podcasting

CRWT 40.17/COLT 19.05 Workshop in Literary Translation

CRWT 40.18 Writing Love Poems: Bewilderment, Anxiety, and the Art of Wonder

CRWT 41.01/FILM 44.10 Writing for Television