The Creative Writing Concentration

The Creative Writing Program's sequential course of study and small workshops allow students to pursue and develop their craft from the introductory level to the advanced. The creative writing experience at Dartmouth combines intensive writing workshops with the study of literature from a writer's perspective.

Major Concentration in Creative Writing

The Concentration in Creative Writing does not change graduating requirements for students majoring in English, but is a prerequisite for honors with a focus in creative writing.

For students in the Class of 2023 and beyond, the Concentration consists of four courses taken as part of the eleven course English major plan as follows:

  1. One introductory course, CRWT 10, CRWT 11, or CRWT 12. (Only one introductory creative writing course may count toward the Concentration in Creative Writing.)
  2. One intermediate course, CRWT 20, CRWT 21, or CRWT 22.
  3. One course from the range of creative writing special topics seminars, CRWT 40 and CRWT 41. (Substitute courses with a focus on creative writing from other departments may be considered. Please consult with the Director of Creative Writing.)
  4. One advanced workshop, CRWT 60, CRWT 61, or CRWT 62. The advanced workshop (CRWT 60, 61, or 62) is a requirement for the completion of the Concentration in Creative Writing and is a prerequisite for Honors in Creative Writing.
CRWT 98/99 and CRWT 089

Honors in Creative Writing and Senior Independent Study

Please refer to the Honors in Creative Writing page for more information.

Introductory Creative Writing Courses

These courses offer workshops in fiction, poetry and literary nonfiction. They are designed for students who have little or no previous experience in creative writing. Students are introduced to each genre via a range of technical and imaginative exercises, extensive readings of contemporary literature, and lively class discussions. Students eventually produce their own writing for class critique.

Intermediate Creative Writing Courses

Students who wish to enroll in an intermediate creative writing course must complete the CRWT 20, 21, or 22 application form, also available in the Department of English and Creative Writing office. They should also submit a five to eight page writing sample, as stated in each of the course descriptions below. Materials should be submitted, electronically, to the instructor. Deadline for equal consideration for admittance is the last day of classes in the term preceding the course. Late applications will be accepted, but held until the add/drop period and reviewed if vacancies occur. Students should then register for three other courses, not including the Creative Writing course. Students accepted into Creative Writing 20, 21, or 22 will be notified before the first day of class. To secure their spot in the class, students must be present at the first meeting.

Special Topics in Creative Writing

CRWT 40, 41. Special Topics Courses in Creative Writing

Special topics courses in creative writing are offered periodically, concentrating on particular issues in one or more of the fields of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Courses may require creative and critical papers and include workshops. Enrollment is limited to 18. Dist: ART.

Advanced Creative Writing Courses

CRWT 60, 61, and 62. Senior Workshops in Creative Writing (Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Poetry)

An advanced workshop for seniors who wish to undertake a manuscript of fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry. The advanced workshop (CRWT 60, 61, or 62) is a requirement for the completion of the Concentration in Creative Writing and is a prerequisite for Honors in Creative Writing. Students must submit an 8-12 page writing sample to the instructor by the LAST DAY OF CLASSES of the term preceding the term in which they wish to enroll (last day of spring term for fall term). Please include your name, class year, and major. Prerequisite: CRWT 20, 21, or 22 depending on the genre of the workshop offered. Dist: ART. CRWT 60, 61, 62 application


Creative Writing Independent Project

A tutorial course to be designed by the student with the assistance of a faculty supervisor. This course is intended for the purpose of producing a manuscript of fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry during the student's senior year. Prerequisite: normally reserved for seniors who have completed at least two workshops in the designated genre of their project. Dist: ART.