Past Honors

Honors and High Honors in English and Creative Writing 2024

Honors in Creative Writing

Maria Amador, The Museum of Everyday Life. Advisor: Jeff Sharlet.

Katherine Arrington, Tell Me This is Art. Advisor: Bill Craig.

Isabella Macioce, Everything Is a Love Poem. Advisor: Matthew Olzmann.

Jea Mo, Letters from Hanseong Street. Advisor: Thomas O'Malley.

Jiyoung Park, Post Office 4640. Advisor: Jeff Sharlet.

High Honors in Creative Writing

**Zhenia Dubrova, What Remains. Advisor: Peter Orner.

**Edgar Morales, Out in the Field, There Are No More Fences. Advisor: Vievee Francis.

**Laurel Lee Pitts, Good Neighbors. Advisor: Alexander Chee.

Honors in English:

Michaela Benton, "Wounded Lives: Trauma, Survival, and Slavery in Toni Morrison's Beloved and Octavia Butler's Kindred." Advisor: Kimberly Brown.

Heather Damia, "In a Woman's Hide: Supernatural Gender in Shakespeare's History Plays." Advisor: Matthew Ritger.

Arielle Feuerstein, "Reading The Hunger Games as a Rite of Passage." Advisor: Donald Pease.

Elizabeth Lee, "Grooves of Enactment: Bob Dylan's Planet Waves and the Philosophy of Recording." Advisor: Melissa Zeiger.

Elle Muller, "Haunted Halls and Misnamed Monsters: Displacement and Erasure in Hrólfs Saga Kraka and Beowulf." Advisor: George Edmondson.

Elijah Oaks, "A Paralytic History: Narratives of the Late South." Advisor: Melanie Benson Taylor.

High Honors in English:

*Kennedy Hamblen, "Soft Mechanics: Hallucinatory Media from De Quincey to Burroughs." Advisor: Andrew McCann.

Eliza Holmes, "The Madwoman Reimagined: Narration and the Diagnostic Process in Victorian Gothic Fiction." Advisor: Christie Harner.

Grace Schwab, "Counsel and Consequence: Intergenerational Models of Womanhood in the Novels of Jane Austen." Advisor: Carolyn Dever.

Ophelia Woodland, "Landmarks: A First Approach." Advisor: George Edmondson.

*Feinstein Prize Winner

** Sidney Cox Memorial Prize Winner

Honors in English and Creative Writing 2023

Creative Writing

Brandon Abiuso, Ordination. Advisor: Matthew Olzmann

Tom Bosworth, Knotweed. Advisor: Vievee Francis

Claire Callahan, Camp Sunny Lake. Advisor: Thomas O'Malley

Cia Gladden, GRENADINE. Advisor: Katie Crouch

Tulio Huggins, Meet Me Outside the Sanctuary: Stories. Advisor: Vievee Francis

**Ava Koros,  This Is What I Look Like Naked. Advisor: Thomas O'Malley

Shaphnah McKenzie, Line 1 Toward Seoul Station: Stories. Advisor: Alexander Chee

Kendall, Milender, Howlite. Advisor: Alexander Chee

Migwi Mwangi, Ballast Hotel. Advisor: Peter Orner

Jason Romero, In My House, We Talk About Myths, Monsters Yet People. Advisor: Matthew Olzmann

Estelle Stedman, Merryton Isle. Advisor: Katie Crouch


Jennifer Capriola, "Towards a Carniverous Feminism: Meat and Motherhood in Contemporary Fiction." Advisor: Patricia Stuelke

Sabrina Eager, ""Love of Man for Man" after Modernism: Consciousness of Queer Identity in Dartmouth Student Fiction, 1910-1950." Advisor: Matthew Ritger

Jayda Foote, "Literature through the Afrocentric Lens: The Redundancy of Afrofuturism." Advisor: Michael Chaney

Paulina Camacho Marinkovic, "Private Lives, Public Struggles: Adela Zamudio's Íntimas."  Advisor: Christie Harner

*Frances Pool-Crane, "'The labours of those vanished hands': Art and artists in the works of Virginia Woolf and Oscar Wilde." Advisor: Carolyn Dever

Julia Robitaille, "Hands and handsomeness: Taste, aesthetics and capitalism in 18th c. Atlantic slave trade literature." Advisor: Alysia Garrison

Abigail Shepherd, "Beyond Human Exceptionalism in The Southern Reach trilogy." Advisor: Alysia Garrison

Emily Sun, "oh, to see without my eyes: remnants of early american transcendentalism in the contemporary internet aesthetics of instagram, tiktok, and pinterest." Advisor: Michael Chaney

*Feinstein Prize Winner

** Sidney Cox Memorial Prize Winner

Honors in English and Creative Writing 2022

Creative Writing

Christopher Cartwright, Where the Time Ends. Advisor: Katie Crouch

Joseph Collum, Mean Old Highway. Advisors: Peter Orner and William Craig

Willem Gerrish, A Tree for Each of Us. Advisor: Matthew Olzmann

**Ben Hunt, Coldwater. Advisor: Peter Orner

**Valentina Jaramillo, Barbarino: A Novel. Advisor: Vievee Francis

**Aleka Kroitzh, Beneath the Four-Story Red Brick Castle. Advisor: Thomas O'Malley

CC Lucas, Girls at Wrest: Stories. Advisors: William Craig and Peter Orner

Zoe Marzi, Whispering Bones. Advisor: Thomas O'Malley

Jaclyn Mulé, Twin Hills. Advisor: Katie Crouch

**Charlie Pike, Light: A Numbered Essay. Advisor: William Craig

Karen Zheng, Near Magnitude 0.7. Advisor: Matthew Olzmann


Jessica Forcey, Amy. Advisor: Alysia Garrison

Edel Galgon, "The Climate of the Novel in a Planetary Age." Advisor: Matthew Ritger

Sophie Huang, "Sad white ladies: bad feelings and visions of repair in millennial fiction." Advisors: Aden Evens and Patricia Stuelke

Thomas Knight, "Playboy and Its New Man: Heterotopia and Masculine Epistemology." Advisor: Donald Pease

*Frances Mize, "Working Women." Advisor: Patricia Stuelke

Mia Nelson, ""Born to Die But Here to Stay": The Literary Ecology of Girlhood and Kinship Groups in Climate Disaster Novels." Advisor: Melissa Zeiger

Victoria Quint, "Disruptive Devotion: implications of female spirituality in late medieval spaces." Advisor: George Edmondson

*Elliott Zornitsky, "Approaching the White-Collar Worker in Anglo-American Literature: An Extension of the Gothic Tradition." Advisor: Christie Harner

*Feinstein Prize Winner

** Sidney Cox Memorial Prize Winner

Honors in English and Creative Writing 2021

Creative Writing

Cook, Caroline, Uninhabitable Places. Advisors: Thomas O'Malley and William Craig

Gergely, Julia, Shoe Day. Advisor: Peter Orner

Guan, Sophia, Song of Spring. Advisor: William Craig

Harris, Daisy, Clementine. Advisor: Jeff Sharlet

King, James, Escaping the Carousel. Advisor: Matthew Olzmann

Nolan, Matthew, Burn. Advisor: Vievee Francis

O'Sullivan, Julia, The Making. Advisor: Alexander Chee

Sellew, Nicole. So Much of Everything. Advisor: Thomas O'Malley and Katie Crouch

**Silverstein, Carolyn. Afterboom. Advisor: Alexander Chee

Wilson, Madison. You're a Good Girl. Advisors: Thomas O'Malley and Alexander Chee

Yang, Kat. The Love Gallery. Advisor: Vievee Francis

Yeagley, James, The Further Room. Advisor: Alexander Chee

**Zurcher, Emily, Untitlted (in my head I call it Grace) & Other Stories. Advisor: Peter Orner



Adler, Isabel, "Princely Giver," "Bacchic Club": Voice and Desire in Barrett Browning and Michael Field." Advisor: Carolyn Dever

Alpert, Sarah, "Composite Fictions: Victorian Narratives, Photography, and Representing the "Real"" Advisor: Christie Harner

*†Casey, Leah "A Creaturly Intervention" Advisor: George Edmondson

Fauver, Lily "Fruits of Misreading: Understandings of Female Beauty in Two 20th Century Novels" Advisor: Thomas Luxon

Hufford, Allison, "Medieval Women & Modern Politics: A Cultural Analysis of Female Political Ambition, Agency, and Power in HBO's Game of Thrones and the American Political System" Advisor: Jed Dobson

Jeon, Paul, "Searching for the Sermon in the Suicide: Typology, Mourning, and Monumentalizations in Milton's Samson Agonistes" Advisor: Thomas Luxon

Kamhi, Sophie, "Love Games: How Female Characters Derive Power from Oppression in Medieval Romances." Advisor: Monika Otter

Mcrae, Marion, "Creating Place from Placelessness: How Apostrophe Enables Elegy to Become a Locus for Absence." Advisor: Melissa Zeiger

Sabet, Habib, "Hippies, Fascists, and Television: TV and the Rise of American Conservatism in Vineland and White Noise." Advisor: Patricia Stuelke

Weinstein, Ethan, ""Talkin' Like You": Expanding Conceptions of Selfhood in the Folk Music of John Fahey, Michael Hurley, and Connie Converse." Advisor: Donald Pease

Wentz, Decker, "Into the "All-Attentive Mind": History as Making in the Ecopoetics of Wordsworth and Clare." Advisor: Alysia Garrison

Whiting, Elizabeth, "Imagined Selves: "Unreconciled Strivings."" Advisor: Joshua Bennett

Yanofsky, Anne, ""Whose Image thou art"?: Version fo Narcissism in Milton and Ovid." Advisor: Thomas Luxon

Zugel, Ceilia, ""I wonder what you did to deserve such a nice house": Children's and YA Fantasy Houses in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis." Advisor: Patricia Stuelke


*Feinstein Prize Winner

** Sidney Cox Memorial Prize Winner

†  Rintels Prize Winner

Honors in English and Creative Writing 2020

Creative Writing

**Amanda Johnson, The Sun City and Other Stories. Advisor: Professor Peter Orner.

Betty Kim, Misbegotten: A Graphic Novel. Advisor: Professor Michael Chaney.

Natalia McLaren, Falling Skyward. Advisor: Professor Thomas O'Malley.

Isabel Parks, Cambio and Alejamiento: A Novella. Advisor: Professor Alexander Chee.

Kylee Sibilia, The Knowledge of True Things: A Collection of Short Stories. Advisor: Professor William Craig.


Sofía Carbonell Realme, "Binding Curses: Form and Corporeality in the Cursed Dancers of Colbeck." Advisor: Professor Monika Otter.

*Katherine Carithers, "Sexuality in Slippages: First-Person Narrators and Female Desire in Villette and David Copperfield." Advisor: Professor Christie Harner.

Jean Fang, "Comparative Analysis of Animal Characters in East Asian and Anglo-American Children's Media." Advisor: Professor Christie Harner.

Arunav Jain, ""The Separation Which Exists": The Real and Imaginary Geographies of Two Postcolonial Novels." Advisor: Professor Alysia Garrison.

Cameron Pfaffle, "Verlaine's Cathedral and Tintern Abbey: Adorno's Ruin in Wordsworth's Haunted Landscapes." Advisor: Professor Andrew McCann.

Natalie Vaughan, ""It Is My Spirit That Addresses Your Spirit": Charlotte Brontë's Project of Narrating Female Psychic Trauma." Advisor: Professor Carolyn Dever.

*Feinstein Prize Winner

** Sidney Cox Memorial Prize Winner

Honors in English and Creative Writing 2019

Creative Writing

**Isabelle Blank, Inheritance, A Novel. Advisor: Professor Alexander Chee.

**Rebecca Flowers, Shark's Eye. Advisor: Professor Jeffrey Sharlet.

Maanav Jalan, Itch. Advisor: Professor Peter Orner.

**Anna Staropoli, Fata Morgana. Advisor: Professor Peter Orner.

**Michael Sun, Forms of Weakness. Advisors: Professors Vievee Francis and Matthew Olzmann.


Audrey Bransfield, "The Words That Made Islanders of Them: Mapping the Desert Island Narrative." Advisor: Professor Aden Evens.

*Kendall Christensen, "Forms of Failure: Reading the Uncanny." Advisor: Professor George Edmondson.

Victoria Corwin, "A Bumblebee Dons Achilles' Helmet: Emily Dickinson's use of Classical Mythology and Imagery." Advisor: Professor Ivy Schweitzer.

Lexington Foote, "Political Melancholia and Ethical Masochism." Advisor: Professor Azeen Khan.

Samuel Stockton, "Faulkner's Whiteness: A Wittgensteinian Reading of The Sound and the Fury and Absalom, Absalom!" Advisor: Professor Patricia McKee.


*Feinstein Prize Winner

** Sidney Cox Memorial Prize Winner