Aden Evens

|Associate Professor
Academic Appointments
  • Director, Writing Program

  • Associate Professor, Department of English & Creative Writing

  • Affiliated Faculty, Program in Digital Musics

I research across a variety of disciplines, including digital studies, philosophy, mathematics, music, and literature. My teaching focuses on digital technologies and culture and includes forays into composition, post-structuralist theory, music, and literature. As a teacher, my chief aim is to encourage students to think critically, a skill that transfers to every domain of human activity.


603 513 2213
Sanborn, Room 012
HB 6032


  • A.B. Harvard University
  • M.A. McGill University
  • Ph.D. McGill University

Selected Publications

  • Logic of the Digital, Bloomsbury Academic Press (2015).

  • "Digital Sound, Thought," in Sound Thinking, Bloomsbury Academic, (forthcoming 2017).

  • "Touch in the Abstract," SubStance 40:3 (2011), iss. 126.

  • "Web 2.0 and the Ontology of the Digital," Digital Humanities Quarterly : (2012).

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Works In Progress

  • The Digital and Its Discontents. A short monograph about the ways in which the underlying logic of digital technologies shapes the cognitive and cultural habits of the people who use them.

  • A Mathematics of Philosophy. A study of the ways in which mathematics is invoked in philosophy, literature, and arts for non-mathematical purposes.