Faculty Overview

Awarded teaching prizes, granted a variety of national research fellowships, and presently holding five of the College's endowed chairs, the English and creative writing faculty have been amply honored as scholars and as teachers. We are active in our research and our publishing, and participate regularly in national and international conferences. We take equal pride in the excellence of our classroom teaching, our commitment to improving student writing and thinking, and our readiness to work one-on-one with English majors in planning their course of study and in undertaking special research projects.

In contrast to universities where distinguished professors teach only advanced undergraduate or graduate courses, everyone in the Department of English and Creative Writing regularly teaches a first-year course (Writing 5 and English 7) or an introductory course to the major. We offer approximately fifty different courses each year, all of them serving as part of the English major. Ranging in subject matter from Old English sagas to contemporary literatures, from advanced essay writing to various genres of creative writing, from the history of the English language to digital texts and the new media, these courses demonstrate our breadth of pedagogical and scholarly interests.

In addition, many members of the English and creative writing faculty teach in related academic programs at Dartmouth, including African and African-American Studies, Native American Studies, Comparative Literature, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Jewish Studies, and the Master of Arts and Liberal Studies programs. An exceptional number of English and creative writing faculty members are active in campus-wide affairs -- advising undergraduate clubs and groups, hosting academic conferences, chairing college committees, and helping to shape the future direction of the College. Every member of the department holds regular office hours each week, and welcomes into their office each and every student interested in discussing the study of literature.