Course Group I – Literature before the Mid-17th Century

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Major Courses in Course Group I

ENGL 1 Literary History I: Literature up to the mid-Seventeenth Century

ENGL 10 Old English and Scandinavian Epic and Saga

ENGL 11 Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales

ENGL 12 Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde and Other Poems

ENGL 13 Medieval English Literature

ENGL 15 Shakespeare

ENGL 16 Renaissance Drama

ENGL 17 Milton

ENGL 18 Poetry, Prose, and Drama of the English Restoration, 1660-1689

ENGL 19 Writing, Resistance, and (digital) Revolution

Special Topics in Course Group I

ENGL 51.01 Plays, Playing, and Publicity

ENGL 51.02 Shakespeare's King Lear and Macbeth: Text and Film

ENGL 51.04 Stories At the Edge of the World: Conquest and Contact in the Age of Shakespeare

ENGL 51.13 Gender and Power in Shakespeare

Junior Colloquia in Course Group I

ENGL 61.01 Chaucer: Dream Poems and Troilus

ENGL 61.02 Sound, Music, Literature in Medieval England

ENGL 61.03/WGSS 66.20 Early Modern Literature and the History of Sexuality

ENGL 61.04 Madness, Magic, Metamorphosis: Unstable Character in Early Modern Drama

ENGL 61.05 The Faerie Queene: Speculative Fiction circa 1590

ENGL 61.11 Reel Imaginary: Early American Literature in Film

Senior Seminars in Course Group I

ENGL 71.01 Celtic Fringes: Medieval English Literature in Dialogue with Irish, Welsh, and Breton Traditions

ENGL 71.02 Ovid in England

ENGL 71.03 The Faerie Queene

ENGL 71.05 Romance in Medieval England

ENGL 71.06 Milton

ENGL 71.13 Gender and Power in Shakespeare

ENGL 71.14 Knights, Camelot, Action!

ENGL 71.15 Poetics of the Supernatural

ENGL 71.16 Shakespeare and the Problem of Forgiveness: Late Plays & Problem Plays