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  • "The Ecopoetics of Survival: The Transborder Immigrant Tool and The Desert Survival Series"

    Melissa F. Zeiger

    Ecozona (2019), vol. 10, no. 1,

  • Maggie Brown and Others

    Peter M. Orner

    Little, Brown and Company, 2019.

  • "Lacan and Race"

    Azeen A. Khan

    After Lacan: Literature, Theory, and Psychoanalysis in the 21st Century, Mukherjee, A., ed., Cambridge University Press, 2018.

  • "On the Piney Woods, Death, Bobby Frank Cherry, and Me" and "Goat"

    Vievee Elaure Francis

    Virginia Quarterly Review, Summer 2019, vol. 95, no. 2, pp. 34-36


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