Course Group III – Literature from the Start of the 20th Century to the Present

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Major Courses in Course Group III

ENGL 3 Literary History III: Literature in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

ENGL 31 Asian American Literature and Culture

ENGL 32/NAIS 35 Native American Literature

ENGL 33/AAAS 35 Modern Black American Literature

ENGL 34 From Anna Christie to Hamilton (and Donald Trump): Modern American Drama

ENGL 35 American Fiction: 1900 to World War II

ENGL 36 Contemporary American Fiction

ENGL 37 Contemporary American Poetry

ENGL 38 American and British Poetry: 1900-1960

ENGL 39 Modern British Drama

ENGL 41 British Fiction: World War II to the Present

ENGL 42/AAAS 65 Introduction to Postcolonial Literature

ENGL 44 Introduction to Digital Studies (also in Course Group IV)

Special Topics in Course Group III

ENGL 53.04/WGSS 66.05 Telling Stories for Social Change

ENGL 53.05 Writing Dublin: On Saints, Sinners, and Rebels

ENGL 53.06/COLT 18.01 Women's Literature and Technologies of Transmission from the Long Nineteenth Century to the Present

ENGL 53.07/AAAS 81.07/FILM 47.25 Black Noir

ENGL 53.08 Weird Fiction and the Limits of the Human

ENGL 53.10/WGSS 47.01 Immigrant Women Writing in America

ENGL 53.16/AAAS 51/COLT 51.01 African Literatures: Masterpieces of Literature from Africa

ENGL 53.17 The Graphic Novel

ENGL 53.19 Faulkner

ENGL 53.20/NAIS 32 Indian Killers: Murder and Mystery in Native Literature and Film

ENGL 53.22 Science Fiction Studies

ENGL 53.23/AAAS 83.06/LACS 66 Caribbean Lyric and Literature

ENGL 53.25/NAIS 47 Contemporary Native American Poetry

ENGL 53.26 From More Fun to Fun Home: A History of the U.S. Comic Book

ENGL 53.27 The African American 1960s

ENGL 53.28/AAAS 81.10 James Baldwin: From the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter

ENGL 53.29/AAAS 35.50 Introduction to African American Environmental Thought: The Black Outdoors

ENGL 53.30/AAAS 88.13 Women Writing Memoir

ENGL 53.32/COLT 52.08/LACS 41.20 Literature and Culture of the Americas

ENGL 53.33/WGSS 36.06 Gender and Sexuality in Asian American Literature

ENGL 53.34 The Wire

ENGL 53.35/AAAS 88.12 From Diaspora Practices to Theory

ENGL 53.36 Game of Thrones: Re-Imagining Medieval History as an Allegory of the Present

ENGL 53.37/COLT 40.06 Global Comic Strip

ENGL 53.38/WGSS 51.10 Narratives of Un-belonging: Bad Asians, Queer Texts

ENGL 53.39 Haunted Houses in American Literature

ENGL 53.40 The Historical Philosophy of W.E.B. Dubois

ENGL 53.41/AAAS 80.10/PHIL 1.13 Black Love & Its Discontents: Barry Jenkins

ENGL 53.42 Postmodern Britain: Fictions of Pluralism, Dystopia (and Brexit)

ENGL 53.43/AAAS 21.10/PHIL 1.17 Race and Modernity: W.E.B. DuBois, James Baldwin, Lorraine Hansberry

ENGL 53.44/NAIS 31 Indians in American Literature

ENGL 53.45 Storytelling in Novels and Community

ENGL 53.46/JWST 21 New York and the Metropolitan Imagination in Twentieth-Century American Jewish Literature

ENGL 53.47/AAAS 67.06/WGSS 66.07 African Diaspora Women Writers

ENGL 53.48/AAAS 35.60 Poetry for the People

ENGL 53.49/COLT 49.09 Graphic Medicine

ENGL 53.50 Black Testimony

ENGL 53.51/AAAS 35.03 The Idea of Black Culture

Junior Colloquia in Course Group III

ENGL 63.01/WGSS 66.24 Modern Jewish American Women Writers

ENGL 63.02/AAAS 26 Toni Morrison

ENGL 63.03 Fictions of Finance: For Love or Money

ENGL 63.04/LACS 30.12/WGSS 52.04 Arts Against Empire: Fictions of Revolution and Solidarity in the Americas

ENGL 63.05 Nobel Prize Writers

ENGL 63.06 The Undead South: Horror and Haunting in U.S. Southern Literature

ENGL 63.07 Cosmopolitanism and the Fictions of Exchange

ENGL 63.08 Electronic Literature

ENGL 63.09/AAAS 82.10 Queer Literatures of Slavery

ENGL 63.10 Contemporary Science Fiction

ENGL 63.11 Race, Sex, Sensation

ENGL 63.12 Labors of Love: Mothering in Chicanx/Latinx and Asian American Communities

ENGL 63.28 Rethinking Frost: Robert Frost in a Declining Landscape

ENGL 63.29/AAAS 67.09/WGSS 66.08 Self, Subject, Photography

ENGL 63.30 Trans Gender Literatures

Creative Writing Courses in Course Group III

CRWT 40.01 Imaginary Countries

CRWT 40.03 Raising the Dead

CRWT 40.04 Remains, Ruin, Repair, and Rapture

CRWT 40.05 Engaging Hybridity: Race, Gender, Genre

CRWT 40.06 Uses of Fact: True Source Material in Prose, Poetry, & Film

CRWT 40.07/MES 15.01 The Craft of Fiction: A Masterclass with Alaa Al Aswany

CRWT 40.08 Dystopian Visions: Exploring the Fiction of Catastrophe and Apocalypse

CRWT 40.09/COLT 31.02/FRIT 37.08 Obsessive Affinities Contemporary French & American poetry

CRWT 40.10 James Joyce's Ulysses

CRWT 40.11 Nature Writing

CRWT 40.12 The Novels of Virginia Woolf:Radical Innovator

CRWT 40.13 Contemporary Queer and Trans Asian American Poetry

CRWT 40.14 Black and Latino Poets Creative Writing Course

CRWT 40.15 Tell Me A Story: Introduction to Nonfiction Radio and Podcasting

CRWT 40.17/COLT 19.05 Workshop in Literary Translation

CRWT 40.18 Writing Love Poems: Bewilderment, Anxiety, and the Art of Wonder

CRWT 41.01/FILM 44.10 Writing for Television