Transfer Credit


See the ORC here, and here for Dartmouth College's rules and regulations governing transfer courses. In addition, the Department of English and Creative Writing requires that a transfer course carry a minimum of 30 contact hours to be considered both for general College credit and for English major credit.

Decisions on transfer credit are made by the English and Creative Writing Department's Committee on Departmental Curriculum (CDC), which is chaired by the Vice‐Chair of the Department.

Transfer credits normally cannot be used in the major. Students wishing to be granted an exception must petition the CDC. If approval is granted, transfer courses are subject to the rules that apply to substitute courses.

Two substitute courses (appropriate major courses from other departments at Dartmouth) are permitted within the major. Normally, substitute courses cannot satisfy the Course Group requirements.

Note: No substitutions and no more than one transfer credit will be permitted in the English minor without permission from the CDC.