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Elizabeth Kelsey

Department of English honors presentations bring collaboration to an often solitary pursuit

It’s a sunny late April afternoon and Sanborn House’s Wren Room is packed to overflowing as Laura Bryn Sisson ’13 presents her short story collection, Fragile Bodies.

Sisson is an honors student in the English department. Her work, she explains, explores “all that is strange and mysterious to me about reproduction, about family relationships, about the way we see the world, and the way we see our bodies.”

She reads an excerpt from “The Ward,” a story about Winnie, a teenaged girl undergoing inpatient treatment for an eating disorder.

When Sisson finishes reading, the audience applauds, and then the questions begin.

Can you tell us what some of the other fragile bodies are that are in the other stories?

Are they all told in the first-person?

You mentioned how you switched from writing stories about childhood perception of mental illness to more stories about reproduction. Can you talk more about that transition and how you decided to change it?