Honors in Literary Studies

Honors in English - Literary Studies

Honors in English allows students to work on a critical thesis in their chosen periods or areas of theoretical focus during their senior year, under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

Students are eligible if they meet the following requirements:

•have completed at least six major courses by the end of their junior year, and

•have a grade point average (GPA) in the major of 3.5 or higher, and an overall college GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Students apply by submitting the Literary Studies Honors Application 2024-25 to the Department Administrator and Vice-Chair. For the 2024-25 honors cohort, this application is due May 10, 2024.

For 2024-25 there is an Honors Seminar, ENGL 097, which students enrolled in classes in 24F on campus are required to take. This course will be mandatory for the honors sequence beginning in 2025-26. ENGL 97 will count as one of the eleven courses in the major.

The thesis is to be completed during two terms of ENGL 98 and ENGL 99. ENGL 99 constitutes a twelfth course in the major.

Students must satisfy two further requirements in order to graduate with Honors in English:

•must complete a senior-level seminar in English and Creative Writing (ENGL 71-75) prior to the first term of ENGL 98/99 or advanced workshop (CRWT 60, 61, or 62) before CRWT 98/99, and

•must satisfy the theory requirement of the major (Course Group IV) before the term in which they complete the Honors thesis and submit it for evaluation.

For more information, including sample proposals, deadlines, and advice, please consult the Directors of English and Creative Writing Honors and the Guide to Honors in the department of English and Creative Writing.

2023-2024 Honors Directors: Professors George Edmondson and Matthew Ritger

2024 Honors Director: Professor Matthew Ritger

The Literary Studies Honors Application 2024-25 is to be submitted to the Department Administrator and Vice Chair no later than 4 PM on May 10, 2024.