Christie Leigh Harner

Lecturer of English

I’m fascinated by the intersections (and mutual if arguable influences) between Victorian literary narratives and cultural dialogues, particularly those around 19th century science, the visual arts, and global identities. My aim in teaching is for every student to find an answer to the “so what” question: an argument that accounts for his/her interpretation of the texts and gives purpose as well as pleasure to the reading. 

106 Sanborn
HB 6032
B.A. University of Virginia
M.A. Northwestern University
PhD Northwestern University

Selected Publications

Harner, Christie. "The 'Animality' of Speech and Translation in The Jungle Books," in Victorians and Their Animals: Beast on a Leash, ed. Brenda Ayres (Forthcoming from Routledge)

Harner, Christie et al. "Professional Victorianisms: Immediacy, Urgency, and Interdisciplinarity in/at Work," Nineteenth-Century Contexts 39.4 (September 2017): 249-67

Harner, Christie. “Physiognomic Discourse and the Trials and Cross-Class Sympathy in Mary Barton,” Victorian Literature and Culture 43.4 (2015): 705-724.

Harner, Christie. “Reading the ‘Postal Effect’ of John Caldigate as a Challenge to Victorian Post-Colonialism,” Victorians: A Journal of Culture and Literature (March 2015).

Harner, Christie. “‘Loose from Wholesome Guidance:’ Phrenology’s and Physiognomy’s Narrative of Anxiety,” ELN 47.2 (Fall/Winter 2009): 61-73.