Spring 2020 English and Creative Writing Classes Move Online

How are English and Creative Writing Courses being taught during Spring Term 2020?

The Department of English and Creative Writing Spring 2020 courses will be moving to a remote teaching format. Due to this unexpected change, the department would like to provide further information about how the courses will be taught. There are three different teaching formats for spring term courses: synchronous teaching, asynchronous teaching, and a combination of the two. What this means is that some courses will be taught in real time and will meet at a designated time via teleconferencing tools (Zoom, e.g.), and therefore will be taught synchronously. Other courses will be taught by providing students with pre-recorded lectures and course materials that they can access at any time mainly through Canvas, meaning the course will be asynchronous. If you have limited or slow internet connection, or are in a time zone other than Eastern Standard Time, it may be difficult to participate in a course that is being taught synchronously. Please consider this and communicate with your professors and the Department of English and Creative Writing with any questions or concerns so that you can succeed in your courses this term. Below is the list of English and creative writing courses with information on how they will be taught during the term (please check back regularly for updates).

Spring 2020

Creative Writing Courses

  • CRWT 10 (10A) Writing and Reading Fiction (Two sections: O'Malley and Craig) Synchronous with some asynchronous (Craig) Synchronous and asynchronous (O'Malley)
  • CRWT 12 (2A) Writing and Reading Poetry (Olzmann) Asynchronous with optional synchronous learning
  • CRWT 20 (10A) Intermediate Fiction (Crouch) Application Required Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • CRWT 21 (10A) Intermediate Creative Nonfiction (Sharlet) Application Required Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • CRWT 22 (3A) Intermediate Poetry (Olzmann) Application Required Asynchronous with optional synchronous learning
  • CRWT 40.04 (10A) Remains, Ruin, Repair and Rapture: Trends in Urban Contemporary Poetry from Detroit to Krakow (Francis) Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • CRWT 40.08 (2A) Dystopian Visions: Exploring the Fiction of Catastrophe and Apocalypse (O'Malley) Synchronous and asynchronous
  • CRWT 40.09/COLT 31.02/FRIT 37.08 (12) Obsessive Affinities: Contemporary French & American Poetry (Elhariry)
  • CRWT 40.10 (10A) James Joyce's Ulysses (Orner) Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • CRWT 60 (2A) Senior Workshop in Fiction (Orner) Application Required Synchronous

English Courses

  • ENGL 3 (2A) Literary History III: Literature in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries (Moodie) Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • ENGL 6 (12) Narrative Journalism: Literature and Practice (Jetter) Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • ENGL 11 (11) Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (Edmondson) Asynchronous
  • ENGL 17 (10) Milton (Luxon) Synchronous
  • ENGL 33/AAAS 35 (10A) Modern Black American Literature (Moodie) Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • ENGL 34 (12) From Anna Christie to Hamilton (and Donald Trump): Modern American Drama (Pease)
  • ENGL 37 (10) Contemporary American Poetry (Huntington) Asynchronous
  • ENGL 52.21 (2A) Popular Fiction and the Culture of Empire (McCann) Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • ENGL 53.16/AAAS 51/COLT 51.01 (10A) Masterpieces of Literature from Africa (Coly)
  • ENGL 53.38/WGSS 51.10 (2) Narratives of Un-belonging: Bad Asians, Queer Texts (Kim Lee) Asynchronous
  • ENGL 54.03/WGSS 51.09 (2A) Young Adult Literature (Stuelke) Asynchronous with optional Zoom hours
  • ENGL 64.06 (10) Animal, Vegetable, Medium: Writing Nonhuman Sentience and Communication – Junior Colloquium in Course Group IV (Woods) Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • ENGL 65.01 (2) Walking – Junior Colloquium with no Course Group assignment (Edmondson) Asynchronous
  • ENGL 72.02/COLT 49.05 (11) Decadence, Degeneration and the Fin de Siècle – Senior Seminar in Course Group II (McCann) Synchronous and Asynchronous