2021 English and Creative Writing High Honors and Prizes Announced

High Honors in Creative Writing: Caroline Cook, Julia Gergely, Daisy Harris, James King, Matthew Nolan, Nicole Sellew, Carolyn Silverstein, Madison Wilson, Kat Yang, James Yeagley, Emily Zurcher 

High Honors in English: Sarah Alpert, Leah Casey, Paul Jeon, Sophie Kamhi, Habib Sabet, Ethan Weinstein, Decker Wentz, Cece Zugel 

Sidney Cox Memorial Prize in Creative Writing: This honor goes to the strongest honors thesis in creative writing and for the work which most nearly meets those high standards of originality and integrity which Sidney Cox set for himself and for his students in his teaching.

  • The Past is a Whetstone by Carolyn Silverstein '21 (Advisor: Chee)
  • Untitled (in my head I just call it 'Grace') and other stories by Emily Zurcher (Advisor: Orner)

Arthur Feinstein 1955 Memorial English Honors Award: This prize is awarded to a senior undergraduate student in the English honors program who best exemplifies Arthur's special sensitivity and ability to influence thoughts and feelings of others through effective use of the English language. It recognizes outstanding quality of honors thesis work.

  • "A Creaturely Intervention" by Leah Casey (Advisor: Edmondson)

Honorable mentions

  • "Composite Fictions: Victorian Realism, Photography, and the Representation of Modern Identity" by Sarah Alpert (Advisor: Harner)
  • "I wonder what you did to deserve such a nice house": Children's and YA Magic Houses in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis" by Cece Zugel (Advisor: Stuelke)


Edward R. Perkins Literature Prize for Excellence in English

  • Sarah Alpert '21
  • Leah Casey '21
  • Paul Jeon '21
  • James King '21
  • Habib Sabet '21
  • Ethan Weinstein '21
  • Decker Wentz '21
  • Cecilia Zugel '21

B. William Hochman 1955 Memorial Prize in American Literature: This prize is given in recognition of excellent work in American literature courses.

  • Ethan Weinstein '21

Honorable mention

  • Habib Sabet '21
  • Ben Shapiro '21

Stanley Prizes in English

Majors attending Graduate School:

  • Betty Kim '20 (MFA at the Center for Cartoon Studies)
  • Leah Casey '21 (Oxford - M Phil)

Most Innovative Critical Paper

  • Kaya Çolakoğlu '24 for the paper, "Causality in Nietzsche, Freud & Pecheux"

Service to the Department:

  • Kamren Khan '22 for work on the student journal Memento
  • Ethan Weinstein '21 for work on the student journal Meetinghouse

Eugene H. Kohn '60 Award in English and Creative Writing: This award recognizes the writing of a sophomore or junior in the Department of English and Creative Writing.

  • Estelle Stedman '23, "A Poststructuralist Approach to The Fisherman and His Wife"
  • Shaphnah McKenzie '23, "The Farm"


Ralston Prize for excellent work in a CRWT 10, 11, or 12 class

  • Abigail Owen
  • Grace Boyd
  • Laurel Lee Pitts
  • Theodore Press
  • Alisya Reza