Major, Minor, and Modified Major


The English major requires the successful completion of eleven major courses. To become an English major, students must consult with a professor to plan their courses.  Students formally elect the major in English by submitting a proposed plan of courses through DegreeWorks and meeting with one of the English faculty to get approval. At the time of faculty approval the student must also submit a completed and signed major worksheet to the department administrator.  Students must meet with their major advisor a second time in the last term of the junior year or the first term of the senior year in order to review their major plan.

Students electing a concentration in Creative Writing must pass a prerequisite course, ENGL 80, ENGL 81, or ENGL 82 prior to enrolling in any other Creative Writing course.  The concentration consists of four courses.

The modified major requires the successful completion of eleven major courses including four courses from the modifying department. Students may propose a modified major in English by designing a special program of study in consultation with a faculty advisor in the Department.

The minor in English requires the successful completion of six major courses. No substitutions and no more than one transfer credit will be permitted.

Committee on Departmental Curriculum

The CDC (Committee on Departmental Curriculum) is a faculty committee that oversees curricular matters. It approves honors proposals and considers petitions from students in relation to the major. Four department faculty make up the CDC; the vice-chair of the department chairs the committee. The rest of the membership changes from year to year. Student petitions for the CDC should be given to the department administrator.