Lynda E. Boose

Selected Publications

Shakespeare, the Movie: Popularizing the Plays on Film, TV, and Video , edited with R Burt, (reprinted in Korean, 2002, in English and Japanese, 2005).

“Let it be Hid: The Pornographic Aesthetic of Shakespeare’s Othello ,” in Women, Violence, and English Renaissance Literature , L Woodbridge and S Beehler (eds.), (2003).

“Crossing the River Drina: Bosnian Rape Camps and Serb Cultural Memory” in SIGNS , M Hirsch and V Smith (eds.), (2002).

“The 1599 Bishop’s Ban and Renaissance Pornography” in Enclosure Acts in Early Modern England , R Burt and R Archer (eds.), (1994).

“Scolding Brides and Bridling Scolds: Taming the Women’s Unruly Member,” *Shakespeare Quarterly, 42 (1991) 179-213.

Works in Progress

Turn and Re-turn of the Shrew: Shakespeare, the “Shrew,” and Historical Construction