Yumi Lee

Academic Appointments

Dean's Fellow in Asian American Studies

Yumi Lee is a Dean's Fellow in Asian American Studies at Dartmouth College with an appointment in the Department of English for 2018-2019. She received her PhD in the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania, and she is an Assistant Professor of English at Villanova University. She teaches and writes on race, empire, and war in post-1945 and contemporary American literature and culture. Currently, she is working on a book manuscript titled Someone Else's War: Militarism, Multiculturalism, and the Korean War in American Literature, which reads the Korean War as an event that marks a turn to a racial logic of liberal inclusion in U.S. institutions including the military, the family, and the university. She has also written on policing and incarceration in Asian American literature, and is starting work towards a second book project on the institutional production of ethnic literary canons.

Sanborn 2
HB 6032