Dublin Foreign Study Program

The Dublin Foreign Study Program is offered biennially during the Fall Term. We plan to offer the Dublin Program in Fall 2021.

Program Details

The Dublin Foreign Study Program is centered at Trinity College Dublin, one of the oldest and liveliest universities in Europe, and educational home to many of Ireland’s best known writers, including George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, and Oscar Wilde.  The English Department at Trinity, with its international faculty, attracts a wide array of students from both Ireland and the European Union. TCD is located in the heart of downtown Dublin, within easy walking distance of the theatres and bookstores and the pubs and music that make the city so culturally rich and exciting. Dublin is a young person’s town.

The program runs for 13 weeks: One week of Orientation and 12 weeks of study, with a week break in the middle of the semester.  Students enrolled in the program take three courses in the English Department, one of them a course on Irish literature.  They also undertake an independent study on some aspect of Irish literature or culture. The beginning of the program coincides with the Dublin Theatre Festival; students will attend several of the plays, including at least one at the Abbey Theatre, preceded by a lecture on the contemporary theatre scene.  The program also includes: a trip to Sligo, the area in the west of Ireland that was home to W.B. Yeats and the setting for many of his most famous poems; a reading group on James Joyce’s Ulysses; an historical walking tour of the city immortalized by Joyce in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses; and opportunities to hear both traditional and contemporary Irish music.


  • English 90: Literature Course of Choice at Trinity College, Dublin
  • English 91: Literature Course of Choice at Trinity College, Dublin
  • English 92: Course on Irish Literature, plus Independent Study


To participate students must have completed all first-year requirements and one English course (other than English 7) with a grade of B or better.  This course should come from the critical branch of the curriculum.   (The English course requirement may, in certain circumstances, be waived by the director.

Living Accommodations

Students will live in accommodations arranged by the program director.


Limited to 16 students

Course Credit Information

Students enrolled on English FSPs enroll in English 90, 91, and 92. English 90 and 91 carry major and minor credit; English 92 does not, although it does carry college course credit. No FSP course may be used to satisfy the Culminating Experience requirement in any major.