The Modified English Major for 2006 through 2016

Details for '06 through '16

Requirements: This major requires the successful completion of eleven major courses.

  1. All students proposing a modified major with English as the primary department must complete at least 2 courses from Group I; at least 2 courses from Group II; at least 1 course from Group III; at least 1 course from Group IV.
  2. In addition, proposals for this modified major must elect Concentration Area number 10 (Independent Proposal) to satisfy the Concentration Area requirement. The proposal for a modified major in English also serves as a proposal for an independently proposed Concentration Area. At least one and no more than two of the four modifying courses selected from other department or program offerings must be included in the independently proposed Concentration Area.
  3. Four courses from another department or program must be selected, approved by the CDC, and completed successfully. One or two of these courses must form part of the independent proposal for a Concentration Area.
  4. One course must be a Special Topics (50s) Course or English 90. This course may also satisfy one of the Group requirements outlined above and/or be part of the four-course concentration.
  5. One course must be designated as satisfying the Culminating Experience Requirement; this may be an Advanced Seminar (70s), or, in the case of students seeking a degree with Honors, the first term of English 98. This course may be part of the four-course concentration, but may not satisfy any of the Course Group requirements. The Culminating Experience course must be taken and completed after the sophomore-junior summer term.

Modified major in other departments or programs modified with English courses.

Requirements: Four English courses selected from those numbered 14-75 and 80-91. No substitutions or transfer credits are permitted.