The Modified English Major

You may propose a modified major in English by designing a special program of study with a faculty adviser in the department.


The major in English can be modified with a selection of courses from other departments and programs, or you may wish to complete a major in another department or program that you modify with a selection of English courses. In both cases, the modifying courses you nominate must qualify for major credit in their home department or program.

Your culminating experience should be satisfied according to the primary department's or program's rules.

In your proposal for modifying the major in English, you should also explain your rationale for modifying the standard major and show how each of the modifying courses relates to the concentration area you’ve selected.

Proposals for both kinds of modified majors must be submitted to the Vice Chair of the English Department as a formal petition and proposal. Proposals to modify another major with English courses must be approved by the Vice Chair of English before going forward to the primary department or program for final approval as a major program. Proposals to modify the major in English with other courses must be submitted, along with an authorizing signature from the secondary department or program, to the Vice Chair of English and the CDC for their deliberation and approval. The Vice Chair’s signature signifies final approval of a modified major in English.